Suprema Launches BioMini Plus 2

Suprema has announced a new fingerprint scanner designed for compatibility with both PCs and mobile devices. Called the BioMini Plus 2, it features high resolution imaging and Suprema’s Live Fingerprint Detection technology.Suprema Launches BioMini Plus 2

Like the original BioMini Plus, the new device is STQC certified, enabling applications with India’s Aadhaar biometric ID system. That opens the device up to a large and growing market, as does its PIV-IQS/Mobile ID with respect to FBI and law enforcement applications. The device can produce 500dpi images, and Suprema guarantees that it can operate in direct sunlight up to an intensity of 100,000 LUX, and can scan fingers with any level of moisture.

In a statement announcing the device, Suprema VP Dr. Bogun Park said the device was “specially developed to meet stringent requirements for government-level authentication projects which demand fast and high quality image capturing,” adding that the BioMini Plus 2’s Android compatibility should help to further expose the device for even more applications.

September 7, 2016 – by Alex Perala