SuperCom Lands House Arrest Contract in Estonia

SuperCom Lands House Arrest Contract in Estonia

SuperCom is putting Estonia on house arrest. The identity and cybersecurity company has announced a new contract with the national government of Estonia, taking over the security and monitoring demands for the roughly 200 people currently on house arrest in the country. The contract will last for 4.5 years and is worth an estimated $1.35 million, all of which will be collected based on a per-unit daily rate.

“We expect to begin generating recurring revenues from this new business within a few months of today’s announcement,” said SuperCom President and CEO Arie Trabelsi. “We look forward to seeing additional wins around the globe as more and more countries shift to a more modernized approach to alternatives to incarceration.”

The system will be built using SuperCom’s Pure Security Electronic Monitoring Suite, which incorporates smartphone integration, fingerprint biometrics, and voice communication, among other features. The value of the contract could rise if more people are placed on house arrest, with a maximum potential deployment count of 400 units.

Biometric tracking systems are already being used to monitor prison populations in the United States, Europe, and Asia. With that in mind, SuperCom’s pivot to house arrest is an unsurprising application of a platform like Pure Security.

February 1, 2019 – by Eric Weiss