Street Vendors Must Register Biometrics in Madurai, India

Officials in Madurai, India, are preparing to launch a biometric registration program for the city’s street vendors, reports The Times of India.

Street Vendors Must Register Biometrics in Madurai, IndiaThe move follows an initial survey that found a total of 3,554 vendors across the city, with officials offering those vendors receipts. Starting June 20th, those vendors will have to register their fingerprint and pictures of their faces so that they can be officially verified as licensed street vendors.

The biometric registration is to work in conjunction with Aadhaar, India’s national biometric ID program. Aadhaar is being used in an increasing number of applications in civil society, ranging from subsidy disbursement to time and attendance tracking. It’s even starting to find applications in financial services, with biometrics replacing banking cards for some individuals.

In the case of Madurai street vendors, it will be a means to official licensing. Unregistered vendors will not be allowed to operate within the city, which should help officials to ensure that vendors meet certain standards when serving the public.

Source: The Times of India

June 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala