Six New Biometric Enrollment Centers Added By MorphoTrust To US Airports

morphotrustIf you’ve been keeping up with findBIOMETRICS over the past few months, you will have noticed an increasing trend in the industry news: articles about biometric border control solutions are increasing in frequency. This is to be expected, recent research has shown that border control markets, specifically those that deal in automated security checkpoints, are on the rise.

Among the regulars in the border control news is MorphoTrust USA (Safran), a provider of identity solutions that is in frequent collaboration with the Transportation Security Administration. Today, MorphoTrust announced that this collaboration continued to bear fruit, with six new enrollment centers opened across the United States in support of the TSA’s Pre✓ advanced passenger screening process.

The new enrollment centers mean that travelers can now apply for Pre✓ in six new airports. Boston Logan, Douglas International, Pittsburgh International, Tampa International, Orlando International and Lambert St. Louis International are all recipients of the new biometric capture locations.

Charles Carroll, senior vice president for identity services at MorphoTrust, speaks about the increased growth of the biometric screening program, saying,  “The TSA Pre✓ program continues to grow with more than 300,000 registered passengers since the application program expanded last year. These airport openings complement the efforts at our IdentoGO Centers across the country, providing easy access to this quickly-growing program.”

Identity services like this are becoming so demanding that MorphoTrust has been able to create jobs. Just last week, the company opened a new facility in Springfield, Illinois, with an expanded customer service center. The company will be leveraging the growing demand for its services to hire 50 new employees, added to the current staff of 106.

MorphoTrust’s IdentoGO Centers exist to allow access a growing number of identity-related services. Through its partnership with the TSA, MorphoTrust also provides other types of screening that fall under Universal Enrollment Services. This includes Transportation Worker Identity Credential (TWIC) and Hazardous Materials Endorsement Threat Assessment Program (HTAP) enrollments.

June 24, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter