Samsung Plans Variant Models of Iris Scanning Phone

Samsung is getting ready to launch its new Galaxy Note7 device to the market, and has announced plans to make available slightly different models of the iris scanning device, reports The Korea Times. Most notably, for the China market, Samsung is considering a model with 128 GB of internal storage, rather than the 64 GB of the model planned for launch this month.

Samsung Considering New Models of Iris Scanning SmartphoneFor Samsung, it’s all about market analysis. Speaking to media, Samsung’s mobile head, Koh Dong-jin, said that his company “will continue to accept different needs from each marketplace, and respond by releasing localized products by changing memory capacity or color.” And indeed, color is another variable in play, with Samsung announcing that a ‘black onyx’ version of the device will arrive in October, and Koh explaining that Samsung “decided to unveil the black model later, as the color accounted for less than 10 percent in sales for the predecessor, Note 5.”

One thing that won’t be changing from market to market is the Note7’s iris scanning functionality. It’s a relatively novel feature for a smartphone, and Samsung has made it central to the Note7’s security framework, while also enabling iris-based verification for Samsung Pay mPayments. It’s also a high-profile technological area in which Samsung can get a leg-up over rival Apple Pay, which beat Samsung to fingerprint scanning when it introduced Touch ID on its iPhone 5s in 2013. Fingerprint scanning quickly became a popular feature for a wide range of smartphones, and now, with its Note7, Samsung has an opportunity to pioneer the rise of the smartphone iris scanner.

Source: The Korea Times

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)