Safran, IDEX Making ‘Significant Progress’ on Biometric Smart Card

Safran Identity & Security and IDEX have teamed up to produce biometric smart cards. In a statement announcing their partnership, the companies asserted that they’re making “significant progress” toward producing the world’s first ISO standard smart card with an embedded fingerprint sensor.

Safran, IDEX Making 'Significant Progress' on Biometric Smart Card

Safran is handling the manufacturing and biometric software of the cards, while IDEX is providing the fingerprint sensors. The companies have an eye to payment applications, and say that their work “supports the strategic biometric program of a major payment program.” The idea is to have the card’s biometric authentication replace the usual PIN code security used in current payment cards.

Biometric smart cards are an increasingly popular area of exploration, with major fingerprint sensor suppliers like Fingerprint Cards looking to the market as an important growth area going forward. By working together, Safran and IDEX are positioning themselves to become major players in this market; they say their solution should go into mass production toward the end of this year.

November 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala