Rx Safes Takes Aim at Doctors in New Sales Initiative

Rx Safes has announced a major new sales initiative for its line of medication storage devices featuring biometric locks. Called DoctorDIRECT, the program will be launched at this week’s American College of Physicians Conference and Trade Show (ACP) in Washington D.C.

Rx Safes Takes Aim at Doctors in New Sales Initiative

Rx Safes will offer “financial incentives” to participating doctors.

The program aims to promote Rx Safes products directly through physicians, who would highlight the benefits of medicine cabinets featuring fingerprint-based security to their patients. Doctors will receive help in making the pitch, with Rx Safes providing educational materials on drug abuse, and also offering ‘Prescription Safety Advocate’ insignia to participants for display in their offices. In a statement announcing the program, Rx Safes said it would also offer “financial incentives” to participating doctors, though it did not specify amounts.

Rx Safes has proven innovative in its approaches to the market, with this latest initiative coming soon after a major deal with US Home Builders Consultants that will see the home construction firm offer Rx Safes products to its clientele of new homeowners. These creative endeavors arise as Rx Safes attempts to raise capital for a Nasdaq listing, and could prove beneficial in boosting its market profile.

May 4, 2016 – by Alex Perala