News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical Markets

Last week at FindBiometrics the news spanned a great number of vertical markets, with headlines in healthcare, civil ID, border control and, of course, financial. Multimodal face and voice biometrics solutions were featured in our coverage too, while mobile fingerprint integrations filled out the industry news.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in biometrics:


Biometrics can be credited in part for Mastercard’s increased ranking on Forbes’ list of most innovative companies, and they are also protecting customer mobile accounts at financial services company Nequi. We also saw biometrics used as credentials for the blockchain—which has more applications than just commerce, but is often hailed as revolutionary for the field of finance. As biometric data is being collected more and more by financial institutions, Korea’s financial sector watchdog has called for strong data security.

Financial Biometrics Credited For Mastercard’s High Innovation Ranking

Korean Watchdog Head Urges Strong Security for Data Amid FinTech’s Biometrics Boom

Biometric Credentials Incorporated into Blockchain App

Nequi Adopts IdentityX Biometric Login

Eye Based Biometrics and Partnerships

News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical MarketsIn the wake of Samsung’s iris authenticating Galaxy Note7, increased interest has been seen in the world of eye-based biometrics, an interest that is being noted by Xintec, a Taiwan-based sensor packaging company affiliated with Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company. EyeLock partnered with Tyco Integrated Security last week, as Princeton Identity spun off as an independent company from the historically iris-based SRI International, and we moved out from the iris and into the realm of the vein pattern as EyeVerify partnered with BioConnect.

TSMC Affiliate Seeing More Iris Sensor Orders: Reports

Tyco Focuses on Iris Biometrics with EyeLock Partnership

Samsung-Backed Princeton Identity Spins Off From SRI International

BioConnect Integrates EyeVerify’s Eye Vein Biometrics Tech

Civil ID

News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical Markets

The Philippines are gearing up for another biometrics powered election as countries from around the world look to India as an example on how to implement a successful national ID program. Meanwhile, more details came to light regarding the civil ID project in Nepal currently being undertaken with help from Safran, a company that played a crucial role in India’s aforementioned national ID success.

Philippines Election Authorities Put Biometric System to Use

Safran Offers More Details on Nepal ID Project

Other Countries Look to India’s Biometric ID Program


News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical MarketsLast week we reported on biometrics in healthcare, with ievo’s biometric solutions having been adopted by Connect Health Ltd. in an access control capacity. Patient ID made the news too, with NexGate announcing a facial recognition upgrade its MatchMetrix platform that has applications in electronic medical records (EHR).

NextGate Brings Facial Biometrics to Patient ID System

Physiotherapy Provider Adopts ievo Biometric Access Control

Border Control

News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical MarketsRussia has demanded that Egypt deploy biometric security at its airports before it will resume international flights to the country. In more positive biometrics news on the Southern Hemisphere, Vision-Box announced last week that its biometric border control solutions have finished deployment and gone live at all of Australia’s major airports.

Australian Biometric Airport Screening Project Completed

Russia Demands Biometric Airport Security Before Resumption of Egypt Flights


News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical Markets

The mobile biometrics news was dominated by the usual slew of fingerprint sensor handset integrations last week, all of which involved Fingerprint Cards and its long time software licensing partner Precise Biometrics. The new Lenovo Yoga was also announced as sporting an embedded finger reader, and Synaptics began sampling its much hyped under-glass sensor. Outside of consumer and mobile biometric tech, we also saw the launch of SecuGen’s latest fingerprint and smart card reader: the affordable and accountable Hamster Pro Duo SC/PIV.

SecuGen Maintains Focus on Quality, Affordability with New Hamster Device

Fingerprint Cards Tech Integrated into Multiple New Smartphones

Nubia Sticks With FPC1035 for Z11 Black Gold Smartphone

Lenovo Yoga 910 Laptop Features Fingerprint Sensor

LG X Fast Features FPC Fingerprint Sensor

Synaptics Now Sampling Under-Glass Sensor

Face, Voice and Speech

News Roundup: A Week of Diverse Vertical MarketsLast week we reported that NEC Australia was lauded for its law enforcement focused facial recognition technology, which is being used by the country’s Northern Territory police force. FacePhi made the news too, with its own face biometrics technology being adopted by Easy Solutions. FacePhi’s tech is being adopted alongside Auraya’s  ArmorVox voice recognition, furthering the long tradition of the contactless modalities going hand in hand. Meanwhile, STC Group—represented by SpeechPro in North America—announced its own cloud-based voice and face recognition solution: OnePass.

Speaking strictly of voice recognition, TIAA deployed voice biometrics for caller authentication, and speech recognition made the news as we took a look at a smart home hub featuring the world’s first AI that can understand spoken Korean.

NEC, NT Police Recognized for Biometric Criminal Identification System

Easy Solutions Adopts Auraya, FacePhi Biometric Technologies

TIAA Heeds Call of Voice Authentication

Korean MNO’s Smart Home Device Echoes Alexa

STC Group Announces Cloud-Based Multimodal Authentication Solution


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September 6, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter