News Roundup: A Week Of Major Innovation

Last week at FindBiometrics, Financial Biometrics Month continued in the featured articles section while major news about the FIDO Alliance, Apple Pay and upgraded products made up the top stories. Here is a look back on the week that was:

Financial Biometrics Month

News Roundup: A Week Of Major InnovationAs Financial Biometrics Month continued through week three of November, we took a look at four unique modalities that are helping commerce evolve to be more convenient and secure. Finance was prominently in the news last week too, with Apple Pay officially launching in Canada, reports of Samsung’s plans to launch in China, and a high tech community bank that leverages biometrics for next gen customer experience. We also saw a new report about how much more of a role biometrics and mPayments will be playing in the coming holiday season.

Financial Biometrics Month: Four Unique Modalities

Report: More mPayments for the Holidays

SayPay Makes Top 3 in UBS Future of Finance Challenge

China to See Samsung Pay Launch in Early 2016

Community Bank Opens ‘Branch of the Future’

Canadians Get Apple Pay



While fingerprints play a major role in financial biometrics, especially mPayments, they were elsewhere in the news last week as well. The Keeper password manager app released an update that can take advantage of Android Marshmallow’s fingerprint biometrics support, Synaptics announced impressive stats regarding its under-glass sensor innovations, and Egis Technology showed off its new wares at Cartes. We also reported last week on a new integration by NEXT Biometrics that sees its sensors featured on the SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion.”

Keeper Security Updates For Android Fingerprints

Synaptics Sensor Works Through 200 Micrometers of Glass

Egis To Showcase New Wares at Cartes

SesameTouch “My Digital Life Companion” Sports NEXT’s Biometrics


face and voiceCognitec Systems launched an upgraded version of its FaceVACS software, which sports improved matching as well as better age and gender analysis. Sensory released TrulySecure 2.0 last week too, along with a partner program to promote it, and we spoke with company CEO Todd Mozer about the new software. Moving to access control, we reported on Entertech Systems last week, whose BioConnect platform was integrated into C-CURE 9000.

FaceVACS Upgrade Improves Matching, Age & Gender Detection

Sensory CEO Todd Mozer on TrulySecure 2.0

TrulySecure 2.0 Offers ‘Virtually Impenetrable Security’

Entertech’s BioConnect Integrated Into C-CURE 9000



The FIDO Alliance reached a major milestone late last week with the announcement that it has partnered with W3C, providing a set of specifications that will see FIDO’s standards proliferate even further into the Web. In addition to reporting on the news, we also received comment from FIDO visionary Ramesh Kesanupalli, founder of Nok Nok Labs, which itself is a founding member of the Alliance.

Nok Nok Labs Comments on FIDO’s Big W3C News

FIDO and W3C Bring Authentication Specifications To The Web

Border Control

global biometricsBorder control continued to be in the biometrics news last week with further developments surrounding Schengen visa requirements. Dermalog announced border control focused hardware, with its new dual fingerprint/passport reader, and Daon—normally a fixture in the recent financial news—supported a  major border security update in Asia.

Schengen Visa Visitors to Require Biometric Passports

Daon Supports Major Border Security Upgrade

Dermalog Announces Dual Fingerprint/Passport Scanner


MobileThe mobile revolution in biometrics is continuing, with rumors that Samsung is going to bring strong authentication to its budget range smartphones. Lenovo launched two new handsets featuring technology from Fingerprint Cards (FPC) and Precise Biometrics last week, and we reported on a new rugged tablet that can be customized to scan fingers. Finally, in Bangladesh, mobile network operators have begun to biometrically register customers.

Samsung Bringing Biometrics To Budget Phones

New Rugged Tablet Can Include Custom Biometrics

Precise BioMatch Mobile Powers New Lenovo Biometrics

Lenovo Integrates FPC Sensor in Two New Smartphones

Bangladesh Begins Biometric Registration of Mobile Users

Awards and Financial Results

Awards and Financial Results

To round things off for the week, we received the Q3 2015 fiscal results form BIO-key International and ImageWare Systems. BIO-key also made other news, having received an award from Frost & Sullivan for its product lineup.

BIO-key Receives Frost & Sullivan Recognition for Product Line

ImageWare Q3 Results Show Increasing Revenues

BIO-key Issues Q3 Results, is Optimistic About Q4


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November 23, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter