News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint Software

Last week at FindBiometrics we took a featured look back on the big mobile and financial market events of 2016, and the major presence biometrics played in all of them. Meanwhile the industry news was filled with fingerprints, connected cars, enterprise applications, and upgrades.

Here’s a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

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Year in Review 2016

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareThe 14th annual FindBiometrics Year in Review survey is currently underway. This year, the longest running annual industry examination is presented in association with SIA. In our featured articles section, meanwhile, we looked back on some of the year’s’ biggest tech industry events in order to trace the big biometric trends in mobility and finance. Participate in our 2016 Year in Review by following the links bellow:

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Year in Review: Mobility and FinTech By Way of Events

Fingerprint Sensors

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareUnder-glass sensors were top of mind last week, with Fingerprint Cards announcing another in-display sensor integration with Huawei. Precise Biometrics, meanwhile, announced a partnership with VKANSEE that will see its software powering the latter’s under-glass sensor offerings. Synaptics made similar news too, partnering with OXi Technology with an aim for optical fingerprint sensor technology.

Synaptics Partners With OXi Technology

VKANSEE Will Bring Precise Biometrics Software to Under-Glass Sensors

Huawei Honor Magic Features FPC1268 Under-Glass Sensor

Fingerprint Software

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareIn fingerprint software news, last week saw Precise Biometrics acquire liveness detection specialist NexID while it also announced its algorithms are included on the new Meitu M6s smartphone. Inovatrics’ fingerprint algorithm, in the meantime, came out on top of NIST’s PFT II test, and BIO-key scored a massive subscription contract from a Fortune 500 customer—one worth $1.1 million that stands to lead to additional hardware sales.

Precise Biometrics to Acquire Liveness Detection Specialist NexID

Meitu M6s Uses Precise Biometrics Algorithm Software

Innovatrics Algorithm Tops Accuracy Ranking in NIST PFT II Test

BIO-key Wins $1.1M Subscription Contract, Anticipates Related Sales

Border Control and Law Enforcement

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareSafran Identity & Security announced the installation of more than 50 new generation biometric eGates at New Zealand airports last week. Meanwhile, in Germany, Polizei Niedersachsen embraced biometrics with a new booking system from Crossmatch.

Safran Installs Over 50 New Biometric eGates at New Zealand Airports

Lower Saxony Police Get Crossmatch Tech Upgrade

Connected World

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareBiometric smart cars were making headlines last week as we counted down the remaining weeks to CES 2017. NEC Corporation announced its newest biometric tech that is capable of tracking a subject’s gaze, and the new president of Eurosmart suggested that the Internet of Things is likely to be a major focus of his organization. Here are last week’s top stories on biometrics and connectivity:

Continental Leverages Biometrics for Driver Convenience, Car Efficiency

Continental is Bringing Biometric Tech to the Smart Car

NEC Adapts Facial Biometrics Tech to Gaze-Tracking

Safran SVP Appointed Head of Eurosmart Industry Association

Financial Biometrics

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareNEC announced a new trial of facial recognition-enabled payments it is undertaking with Japan’s Sumitomo bank. In Qatar, iris scanning ATMs were deployed featuring IRIS ID technology. And in the realm of behavioral biometrics, NuData and Arvato partnered to develop a new anti-fraud platform.

NuData Teams with Arvato to Develop Joint Platform

Qatar National Bank Deploys Iris Scanning ATMs

NEC to Trial Face-Based Payments with Sumitomo Bank


News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareA new report from Gemalto shows that iris and fingerprint recognition solutions are starting to make their way into the workplace thanks to the increasing proliferation of consumer mobile biometrics. Of course, it’s not just consumer mobility in enterprise: last week we reported on Bodet’s latest biometric time clock, and an access control solution powered by BioConnect and aimed at the EMKA region.

Iris and Fingerprint Biometrics Are Making It To The Workplace

Bodet Launches Kelio Visio X4 Biometric Punch Clock

BioConnect to Help Bring EMKA Biometric Lock Solutions to More Businesses

CES 2017

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareWe are weeks away from CES 2017 and last week we got a preview of some of the biometrics solutions that will make it to the show floor. SecuGen announced that it will be unveiling its new Hamster Pro 45 two-finger reader at the Las Vegas event, and EyeLock is planning to showcase its three new reference designs aimed at bringing iris biometrics to the Internet of Things

EyeLock to Showcase New Reference Design Modules at CES

SecuGen Will Unveil Hamster Pro 45 Two-Finger Reader at CES 2017


News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareExpansion was in the news last week with a new funding round for JENETRIC paving the way for the company’s US expansion. UMANICK opened a new office in Bogota, and STC Group announced its partnership with Falcon, which is helping bring its biometrics solutions to the Middle East and Egypt.

STC Group Targets MEA Market with Falcon Partnership

UMANICK Targets Latin America with New Bogota Office

JENETRIC Enters Third Funding Round, Prepares US Expansion

Biometric Upgrades

News Roundup: Fingerprint Sensors, Fingerprint SoftwareDelta ID announced that the newest version of its ActiveIRIS technology is at work on the Fujitsu Arrows NX F-01J. Speaking of improvements, Nuance Communications announced an upgrade to its Nina ID solution, which boasts multi-factor biometric authentication.

Nuance’s Nina ID 2.0 Supports Multi-Factor Authentication

Upgraded ActiveIRIS Tech Almost Twice as Fast


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December 19, 2016 – by Peter B. Counter