News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are In

Last week at FindBiometrics we began to unpack the results of our 14th annual Year in Review survey. Meanwhile, the industry news was filled with mobile device integrations, contactless modality innovations, and encouraging predictions for the year ahead.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Year in Review Results

News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InThe results are in for our 14th annual Year in Review and last week we started to unpack them. We kicked things off with a look at how our respondents viewed the mainstreaming of biometrics in 2016, what the most exciting modalities of the year were, and the state of consumer biometrics in terms of nascence. We weren’t the only ones looking back on 2016 last week either, with the FIDO Alliance announcing that the year saw a 200 percent growth in FIDO Certified products. Looking ahead, HID Global released its predictions for trends in identity management in 2017.

Year in Review 2016: Consumer Biometrics Are Still Nascent Tech

Year in Review 2016: The Most Exciting Modalities

Year in Review 2016: Biometrics Truly Feel Mainstream

2016 Saw 200% Growth in FIDO Certified Products

HID Global Issues 2017 Trend Predictions

Biometric Mobile Devices

News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InSpeaking of predictions, new research from Deloitte predicts that this year will see a billion active biometric mobile devices. Supporting that forecast, last week saw Fingerprint Cards announcing three new smartphone sensor integrations, while new rumors had us talking about how biometrics will be featured on the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S8. Of course, mobility is more than smartphones, and last week Fujitsu announced a new biometric system that could see palm vein recognition integrated with tablets.

2017 to See a Billion Active Biometric Mobile Devices: Deloitte

Rumor Stokes Speculation on Samsung Galaxy S8 Biometrics

FPC Announces Three New Mobile Integrations

New Fujitsu Palm Vein Scanning System Offers Mobile Applications


News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InNEXT Biometrics announced plans to have its flexible fingerprint sensors reach mass production in the second quarter of this year. Meanwhile, fingerprint biometrics specialist JENETRIC announced that it has achieved ISO 9001 certification, and a researcher from Japan’s National Institute of Informatics had a biometrics-focused warning for people apt to flashing the peace sign in pictures.

NEXT Biometrics Aiming to Get Flexible Sensor Into Mass Production in Q2

NII Researcher Warns That Fingerprints Can Be Stolen from Photos

JENETRIC Gets ISO 9001 Certification

Windows and Biometrics

News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InLast week, Microsoft announced that close to 100 products on the market support its Windows Hello biometric authentication. Meanwhile, ImageWare’s GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite platform received Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2 certification, meaning it’s compatible with Microsoft’s hosting platform. Here’s what had us talking about Windows and biometrics last week:

Almost 100 Products Support Windows Hello Biometric Authentication

GoVerifyID Enterprise Suite Platform Gets Windows Server Certification

Voice and Speech

News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InLast week we reported on a low-power voice activation platform—the product of a collaboration between Vesper, DSP Group, and Sensory—that can run for years without battery replacement. Sensory’s new VoiceGenie solution, meanwhile, is set to bring Amazon Alexa to Bluetooth headsets. Moving from speech recognition to voice authentication, a new technology called FirVox is aiming to replace digital signatures with voiceprints in Europe.

FirVox Aims to Replace Digital Signature with Voiceprint

Alexa Comes To Bluetooth Headsets Via VoiceGenie

Vesper, DSP Group, and Sensory Demonstrate Low-Power Voice Activation Platform

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InSticking to the realm of contactless biometrics, facial recognition made headlines for a variety of reasons last week. NIST announced its new testing program for the modality, and we saw face biometrics at work in a KFC in Beijing. NEC Corporation—fresh off winning the North American Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award—prepared for this week’s NRF Retail’s Big Show where it is showcasing its facial recognition solutions tailored for marketing applications.

Beijing KFC Personalizes Menu Using Facial Recognition

NEC to Put Biometrics in Spotlight at Retail’s Big Show

NEC Wins North America Frost & Sullivan Company of the Year Award

NIST Announces Facial Recognition Testing Program

Beyond Travel

News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InMorphoTrust expanded its biometric prescreening services to events venues with Fast Pass by IdentoGO, the company announced last week. Tascent’s InSight One solution was launched on Thursday, a compact biometric device with applications in travel and border control, but that is also ideal for deployments in finance, government, and healthcare spaces.

MorphoTrust Expands Biometric Screening Program Beyond Air Travel

Iris and Facial Biometrics Take Flight with New Tascent’s InSight One Solution


News Roundup: The Year in Review Results Are InCiti continued to roll out its voice-based caller authentication, announcing last week that its Indian banking customers can now benefit from biometric convenience and assurance. Also in India, the county’s national ID program has been made mandatory for the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme—a program that allows workers to receive subsidies. Turning to the world of payments, HYPR Corp. announced a new eCommerce platform based on biometrics and aimed at Fortune 500 companies.

Citi Brings Voice Authentication to Indian Customers

HYPR Announces Biometric Security Platform for eCommerce

Aadhaar Expands to Rural Worker Subsidy Program


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