Research and Markets Looks at Behavioral Biometrics

Research and Markets Looks at Behavioural BiometricsMarket research firm Research and Markets has released a new report on the growing behavioral biometrics market. Entitled “Keystroke Dynamics – Global Strategic Business Report”, the study analyzes 16 companies in the market, technological developments, industrial activity, and the overall global perspective.

The researchers are tight-lipped about their findings in a synopsis, but did indicate that the market for behavioral biometrics is expanding. And, looking at the number of active companies by region, it appears that most of that growth is likely to happen in – or at least be driven by – the US market, followed by the European market; the report profiles ten companies in the US and 4 in Europe.

While behavioral biometrics currently represents a pretty small share of the overall biometrics market, buzz around the nascent field is building. Companies like NuData Security, Socure, and BioCatch are starting to attract the interest of investors and other companies; indeed, just yesterday we reported Early Warning’s announcement that it will be integrating BioCatch’s technology into its security offerings aimed at the financial services sector. Meanwhile, on a more broad application of the technology, NEC has developed a system that can analyze group behavior, scanning for disruptive activity, which will be deployed in a busy district in Tokyo. It’s an area that appears increasingly full of promise, and this is unlikely to be the last market report on its growth.

April 15, 2015 – by Alex Perala