Qatar National Bank Deploys Iris Scanning ATMs

Customers of Qatar National Bank (QNB) can now access ATMs via iris scan.

Qatar National Bank Deploys Iris Scanning ATMsThe technology comes by way of Iris ID. To enroll, customers simply need to register their iris biometrics at a branch, which entails a digital photo of the iris. That information is converted into a biometric template against which the customer’s irises are matched whenever they approach a QNB ATM equipped with iris scanning technology.

In a statement announcing the deployment, Iris ID CEO Charles Koo emphasized the security and accuracy of iris-based biometric authentication, and also called it a “non-contact and sanitary solution”.

Biometric ATMs are increasingly common in Qatar, with the Commercial Bank of Qatar having launched finger vein-scanning terminals this past summer. But with QNB being one of the biggest banks in the MEA region, its own iris-based ATMs represent a particularly high-profile deployment for Iris ID.

December 14, 2016 – by Alex Perala