Portable, Rugged Fingerprint Reader is FBI-Certified

Portable, Rugged Fingerprint Reader is FBI-CertifiedFingerprint biometrics company SecuGen has announced the release of a new portable fingerprint reader. The company boasts that its new U20-WR is water-resistant, rugged and FBI-certified (FAP 20 Mobile ID- and PIV).

It’s also very small – on SecuGen’s website the measurements are listed as 30.0 x 46.6 x 22.2 mm – and sports USB connectivity. Moreover, SecuGen says it’s “affordable for use in large deployments.” These factors help to make it suitable for a wide range of deployments, from ATMs to safes. And the company is making it easy for developers to integrate it, supplying free SDKs.

Showcased at this year’s CES, the U20 represents a continuation of SecuGen’s efforts to make affordable, high-quality, compact fingerprint biometric readers. And while other companies are starting to move into the low-price, portable market for fingerprint sensors, the FBI certification of SecuGen’s will undoubtedly give it a leg-up when it comes to clients and developers looking for highly accurate and advanced technology.

May 12, 2015 – by Alec Perala