POMM Smartphone Case Could Enhance Biometric Security, Battery Life

New York-based POMM has announced a new smartphone case designed to add extra security to users’ mobile devices. The eponymous product offers a number of security features, including encryption for up to 256GB of data and biometric authentication.

POMM Smartphone Case Could Enhance Biometric Security, Battery LifeA wide range of biometric modalities are supported by the POMM device, which features camera-based face and palmprint recognition, gyroscopic gesture recognition, a temperature sensor, cardiac biometrics via an oximeter sensor, and an optional voice recognition capability. It’s a comprehensive package of biometric security features, and suggests a high level of sophistication for the device in general.

Its widely multimodal biometric authentication could help to distinguish the POMM security case as a valuable addition to the fingerprint-based biometric authentication already available on a wide range of smartphones. Moreover, the company says the POMM’s 1500 mAh lithium battery can extend smartphone life by about 50 percent, which should appeal to heavy mobile users seeking added security and privacy.

The POMM security case will be available for both iOS and Android smartphones, and POMM is currently seeking to raise $10 million through share sales to put it into mass production.

July 6, 2016 – by Alex Perala