Physical Access Control Month Roundup

It is time to close the door (forgive the pun) on Physical Access Control Month here at findBIOMETRICS. All throughout April, from our coverage of the ISC West conference and through our weekly featured articles, industry news and blog posts we have been celebrating the versatility of biometric security solutions in physical deployments.

Let’s take a look at everything we talked about.

Diversity in Security

Biometric physical access control is a huge topic of discussion and as such, it is important to have a strong foundation of understanding before diving deeper into the wide range of ideas that are available. The following articles explore the many different discussions, applications and real life deployments that are on that table when talk turns to biometric physical access:

What We Talk About When We Talk About Biometric Phsyical Access Control

4 Real Deployments That Show Diversity in Biometric Access Control


ISC West 2014

Playing a large part in the decision to christen April as Physical Access Control was the fact that ISC West, an annual security industry conference held in Las Vegas, opens the month in that very theme. findBIOMETRICS president Peter O’Neill was in attendance of the event, camera in tow, and of course there was no shortage of launches and announcements to report.

Here are links relating to to all of the big physical access control items out of this year’s ISC West:


Biometrics Industry News Roundup: The week of ISC West 2014


Adoption Barriers and a Place for Mobility

Focusing on physical access control gave us the opportunity to take a closer look at two rich topics in biometrics right now. The following features explore topics related to breaking down the most common adoption barriers in biometric access control, as well as taking a look at the newest trend in physical security: mobility.

The Barriers of Adoption In Biometric Physical Access Control

Bring Your Own Credential: A Place For Mobility in Biometric Physical Access


In Space No One Can Hear You Scream as You Fail To Authenticate

As part of the new findBIOMETRICS blog, Pop Cultural Identity Management, we had a rare chance to talk about one of my favorite instances of biometric technology appearing on the big screen. In the 1997 sci-fi action thriller Alien: Resurrection the world got its first peak at what breath-based biometric access control might look like. The fictional solution fails to hold up to our modern day standards of biometric security, but it does stand as a great example of how biometrics are perceived in popular media and presents a unique educational opportunity.

Pop Cultural Identity Management – Alien: Resurrection


Business As Usual

Biometric access control was also making its regular appearances in the day-to-day news cycle. All of the ideas presented above made it into the industry news in one way or another. Here are some exceptional examples:

Viscount Systems Wins Physical Access Control Contracts

AMAG Certifies SRI International Iris Biometric System

MorphoAccess SIGMA Awarded Best of Biometrics Award By Security Industry Association

Zwipe Awarded by Security Industry Association


And that’s a wrap for Physical Access Control Month at findBIOMETRICS. The discussion doesn’t have to stop here though, follow findBIOMETRICS on Twitter and keep the conversation going. Stay posted with us throughout May as we tackle our next theme: Biometric Software.

April 30, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter