Perkotek Platform Enables Biometric Attendance Tracking, Access Control

Turkey-based Perkotek has launched a new time and attendance tracking software platform based on biometric identification.

Perkotek Platform Enables Biometric Attendance Tracking, Access ControlThe platform revolves around fingerprint scanning, with Perkotek offering more than 40 different fingerprint reader products aimed at a range of budgets. The new software platform enables not only time and attendance tracking, but also biometric access control, with the capability of being linked to doors and turnstiles.

Perkotek’s software platform arrives at a time when biometric time and attendance systems are increasingly being adopted by employers around the world, with many such platforms integrating other HR functions, a trend that dovetails with the boom in the biometrics market more generally as mass market products like the iPhone help to popularize fingerprint scanning among everyday users.

For its part, Perkotek aims to capitalize on both trends. In a statement announcing the new software platform, CEO Cenk Yerlikaya said, “We are expecting major increases in sales over the next fiscal year, and expect fingerprint sensors to become our best seller.”

June 9, 2016 – by Alex Perala