Patent Portfolio Adds Chemical Analysis to Fingerprint Biometrics

Scientific or medical glasswareICAP Patent Brokerage has announced a new patent portfolio that contains a novel method of biometric identification. Developed by inventor Theodosios Kountotsis, the system uses a combination of fingerprint recognition and chemical analysis.

The general idea is to add the functionality of chemical analysis to on-site fingerprint scanning using an electronic device. For example, a law enforcement official investigating a crime scene could transmit both the biometric fingerprint data and data on the chemical composition of the fingerprint to a remote server for analysis. ICAP CEO Dean Becker calls it “next-generation fingerprint analysis, and an important portfolio for companies involved in the domain of biometric security systems and software.”

As the costs associated with biometric technology have decreased, it has increasingly been adopted by law enforcement agencies for use in the field – particularly modalities like fingerprint scanners. But in these kinds of high-stakes deployments, there’s always a need to maintain a high level of accuracy. Adding chemical analysis to the mix could offer investigators that extra level of certainty, and in some cases may even help them to resolve investigations.

The patent portfolio is part of ICAP’s Internet of Things IP Auction, and bidding closes April 23rd.

February 20 2015 – by Alex Perala