Orange to Facilitate ISC ePayments Authentication in Iraq

Orange to Facilitate ISC ePayments Authentication in IraqOrange Business Services has entered into a new agreement to provide SIMs enabling Iraqis to connect with International Smart Card POS terminals. The deal is being facilitated through Canny Quest International, ISC’s Dubai-based partner operating in Iraq.

There are currently about 6,000 ISC terminals in operation across the country, offering financial transaction services such as electronic salary and pension payments. ISC says a further 8,000 POS terminals are planned to open with participating merchants in Iraq by the middle of this year.

Using smart cards and biometric authentication, these terminals are going to validate transactions via Orange networks, with Orange collaborating with Iraq’s mobile network operators to ensure that ISC customers have strong connectivity across the country.

Orange is a major player in the mobile world, and its subsidiary Orange Cyberdefense recently entered a partnership with biometrics expert Morpho (Safran), which itself has lately sought to build its presence in the mobile sector. Commenting in a statement, Canny Quest managing director Dr. Hasan Alkhatib highlighted Orange’s “technical competence, geographical presence and global expertise” as key to the new partnership’s success.

February 2, 2016 -by Alex Perala