‘OpenMedReady’ Framework Ties Biometrics to Patient Data

A number of firms involved in the technology and health sectors have banded together to establish a standards framework for remote health care. The initiative is dubbed “OpenMedReady”.'OpenMedReady' Framework Ties Biometrics to Patient Data

The collaborators include Arm, ForgeRock, Philips, Qualcomm Life, Sparsa, and US TrustedCare. And their mission, according to a statement from the firms, is to “complement existing standards in remote clinical care”, particularly in the key areas of patient identity, device identity, data integrity, patient privacy, and consent. Existing standards, they say, generally tend to focus on connectivity and health data exchange frameworks, whereas OpenMedReady seeks to offer “assurances to physicians about the authenticity and integrity of the measured data, with a goal to increase trust in remotely gathered patient data.” This, in turn, is expected to reduce costs and hospital readmissions, offering benefits for care providers and recipients alike.

How exactly will all of this be accomplished? A central component will be the kind of fingerprint authentication facilitated by standard smartphones, which could be leveraged together with connected medical sensors to tie data directly to a given patient. That could also entail device identification, ensuring comprehensive tracking of patient data.

The organizations say they will reveal more information about the framework at the HLTH – The Future of Health Conference scheduled for this Sunday, May 6th, with Qualcomm Life SVP and Chief Medical Officer Dr. James Mault to deliver remarks during the “Advancing the State of Digital Health” session.

May 3, 2018 – by Alex Perala