DBS, OCBC Announce Voice Authentication Plans

Singapore’s DBS and OCBC banks have announced that voice authentication is in the pipeline for their call centers.

DBS, OCBC Announce Voice Authentication PlansAs Singapore Business Review reports, OCBC has already launched a voice biometrics system for some of its customers, suggesting an expansion is on the way for later this year; DBS, meanwhile, is aiming to launch such a system across its call centers by the end of this year. The aim, of course, is to improve administrative efficiency and customer service by reducing call times and eliminating the hassle of remembering passwords or answers to security questions for customers.

There’s also a competitive component to this, of course. Banks around the world are starting to launch voice authentication systems, and Citibank recently announced plans to become the first bank to launch such a system across the entire APAC region.

Clearly, DBS and OCBC don’t want to fall behind, and as this trend ramps up, it seems quite possible that passive voice-based authentication could become standard for call-in centers around the world in the near future.

Source: Singapore Business Review, via Yahoo Finance

May 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala