Nulab Embraces Security Key, Biometric Logins with WebAuthn

Nulab Embraces Security Key, Biometric Logins with WebAuthn

The software company Nulab has announced that it will be extending support for WebAuthn across its entire portfolio of collaborative software. Nulab is the developer of Backlog, Cacoo, and Typetalk. Thanks to WebAuthn, users of all three will now be able to log into their accounts with a security key or biometric authentication rather than a password.

“WebAuthn will provide our customers with a faster and highly secure login experience with all our software. Password-less authentication will inhibit advanced phishing attacks, credential theft, and account takeovers,” said Nulab Co-Founder and CMO Shinsuke Tabata. “The bottom line is that our software is safer than ever.”

The World Wide Web Consortium formally recognized WebAuthn as an official web standard back in March. The platform is a component of the FIDO2 authentication standard, and specifically addresses passwordless authentication through web browsers. WebAuthn has the support of all major web browsers, as well as other major tech companies like Apple and Twitter.  

Nulab’s integration will use a “private-public key pair” to allow users to log into their accounts. When users activate the private key, it will be matched against the public key on Nulab’s servers for verification, with fingerprint recognition or a PIN required for an additional layer of security.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)