Nigerian Students to Get Biometric ID Cards

The National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) is preparing to issue a biometric ID card, reports the Nigerian Tribune.

Nigerian Students to Get Biometric ID CardsCalled the Nigerian Students Uniform Identification Card, or NSUID, it’s going to be issued to students both at home and in tertiary institutions abroad. NANS says its aim is to curb the issuance of fake IDs for Nigerian students and to alleviate “the constant harassment and the challenge of insecurity” students face, according to the Tribune article.

While the specifics of the biometric technology to be used in the card have yet to be identified, it’s a fair bet that it will employ fingerprints. In any case, the shift to biometric identification in this case may reflect a broader enthusiasm for biometrics in the country, with Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps having implemented biometric attendance tracking for its staff last year, and government officials having used biometrics to crack down on payroll fraud. The country’s motor vehicle registry is even working on a mobile ID that will feature biometric identification. In such a climate, it seems a natural step for NANS to introduce biometric IDs for students.

Source: Nigeria Tribune

June 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala