News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting Fraud

Last week at FindBiometrics our month long investigation into Physical Access Biometrics continued as facial recognition, anti-fraud technology, and industry accolades filled out the headlines.

Here is a look back on last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Physical Access Biometrics

News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudMay is Physical Access Biometrics Month and last week that had us taking a look at five different deployments of contactless authentication in the real world, everywhere from diamond polishing facilities to famous scientific research stations. Meanwhile, the clock continued to count down to the culminating event of the month, our next expert webinar: The Biometric Baseline: Starting the New Conversation in Physical Access Control. Be sure to register now to be part of this critical discussion in biometric security.

Physical Access Biometrics Month: 5 Places Protected By Contactless Biometrics

Tracking the Evolution of Access Control Biometrics

Fighting Fraud

News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudBiometrics were championed as an anti-fraud measure last week, with Experian partnering with Daon to integrate the latter’s IdentityX multimodal biometric security into its own CrossCore platform. Experian’s IdentityX integration is the latest in a series of biometrics-based efforts to stay ahead of the fraud game. Meanwhile, we reported on an anti-fraud initiative in Macau, which will see Chinese authorities leveraging facial recognition to crack down on money laundering from the region’s casinos. And IBM’s MobileFirst Foundation solution embraced SecuredTouch behavioral biometrics for anti-fraud purposes.

Experian to Integrate IdentityX Biometrics Into Anti-Fraud Platform

Biometric Technology ‘Extremely Important’ in Fighting Fraud: Experian

Chinese Authorities to Use Facial Recognition Tech to Fight Money Laundering at Macau Casinos

IBM MobileFirst Foundation Platform Get Behavioral Authentication Capability

Facial Recognition

News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudSpeaking of facial recognition, the modality was at the center of some speculative items last week. Reports surfaced that LG Innotek will be supplying facial recognition tech on Apple’s iPhone 8, and newfound lines of code stoked rumors that the face modality is on its way to Android Pay.

Moving into more tangible arenas, we reported on IARPA’s Face Recognition Prize Challenge, and APEX suggested that face biometrics-based border screening should work as a sound alternative to the expanded electronics ban currently under consideration by the US DHS.

Report Reveals Facial Recognition Supplier for iPhone 8

More Than Money at Stake in IARPA’s Face Recognition Prize Challenge

Biometric Screening Eliminates Need for Electronics Ban: APEX

Is Facial Recognition Coming to Android Pay?


News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudNEXT Biometrics announced a new semiconductor client last week before unveiling a new use case for its fingerprint sensors. The company revealed that its large area biometric sensors have been integrated into a new smart suitcase which, in addition to boasting fingerprint security, features a phone charger, a GPS tracker, and more.

NEXT Biometrics Gets New Semiconductor Client

Smart Suitcase Offers New Use Case for NEXT Biometrics Tech

India & Identity

News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudThe FIDO Alliance announced its partnership with the Data Security Council of India, and along with it the newly launched FIDO India Working Group. India is an exciting region for FIDO to enter with its specifications, since the country is a world leader in biometric adoption thanks to the Aadhaar national ID program. In this vein of Indian biometric innovation, we learned last week that government authorities in the country are developing a solar-powered ATM featuring fingerprint security.

FIDO Alliance Partners with Data Security Council of India, Launches FIDO India Working Group

Indian Authorities Developing Solar-Powered, Biometric ATM

Industry Accolades

News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudAwards and milestones were all over the industry news last week. ImageWare was listed in CIO Applications’ Top 25 digital Security Companies, Jumio scored a Bronze Stevie Award, and BioCatch won the 2017 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation. Meanwhile, Dr. Jan Camenisch was named a Fellow of the Association for Cryptological Research for his work in the field of identity, and NEXT Biometrics announced that it has surpassed the two million sensors shipped milestone.

ImageWare Among CIO Applications’ Top 25 Digital Security Companies

Jumio Nets Industry Award, Expert Panel Slot

NEXT Biometrics Has Shipped Over Two Million Fingerprint Sensors

Peer Recognition Sheds Light on IBM Scientist’s Cutting-Edge Work in Digital Security

The 2017 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Product Innovation Goes to BioCatch

Fiscal Updates

News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudQ1 2016 reports continued to land last week, with updates from ImageWare Systems and IDEX. Read more below:

IDEX Bets on Cards, ASIC Efforts in Q1 Update

ImageWare Maintains Business Trends in Q1 Results


News Roundup: Industry Accolades and Fighting FraudLast week we explored the industrial applications of the cardiac biometrics wearable, the Nymi Band. In other workplace authentication news, Easy Solutions launched an enterprise version of its DetectID solution.

Easy Solutions Brings Mobile Multi-Factor Authentication Solution to Enterprise Sector

Nymi Highlights Enterprise, Industrial Applications of Biometric Wristband


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