News Roundup: Healthcare Biometrics Heat Up

This past week at FindBiometrics we brought Physical Access Month to a close while posting headlines regarding biometrics in healthcare and finance. Voice biometrics made the news too, this week, as did a few major mobile authentication announcements.

Read on to find the top identity management stories from the week that was.

Physical Access Biometrics

Biometric Access ControlThis week, in the featured articles section, we closed the door on Physical Access Month with a full roundup of April. The past month was filled with physical access control content, from ISC West news, to our regular featured articles on the topic, to the exclusive Physical Access Month webinar event.

In the industry news, ZKAccess launched its first major solution since becoming an independent company, and we also reported on acclaim granted to FST Biometrics’ IMID Mobile solution.

ZKAccess Launches Plug-and-Play Biometric Door Lock

IMID Mobile Wins Acclaim at ISC West

Physical Access Month: The Roundup

Healthcare Biometrics

rp_iStock_heart-rate.jpgThe healthcare market was hot with activity this week, with patient ID solutions drawing much of the spotlight. Imprivata acquired HT Systems, along with that company’s PatientSecure patent, in an effort to bring vascular biometrics to patient identity management. Meanwhile, a two year study shed light on the effects of biometric remote care, and Omnicell  won a contract to provide its solutions to a non-profit health system.

Here is how biometrics made headlines in healthcare this past week:

Imprivata Acquires HT Systems For Biometric Patient ID

Biometric Patient ID Improves Efficiency at Hospitals

AMC Health: Biometrics Study Found Reduced Hospitalization, Costs

Omnicell Expands Southern US Presence

Financial Biometrics

Credit CardsThe biometric commerce news was all over the globe this week, with Massachusetts looking into biometric welfare distribution, a Korean bank considering biometric modalities, and with M2SYS’ finger biometrics being adopted by a bank in Mongolia. In addition to all of that, Digital Insight announced that it is integrating Touch ID biometric security into it mobile banking app.

Here are the week’s top stories in biometrics and finance:

Massachusetts Lawmakers Vote to Explore Biometric Welfare System

Touch ID Security Coming to More Financial Services Apps

Mongolian Bank Adopts M2SYS Finger Biometrics

South Korea’s Central Bank Exploring Biometric Authentication

Voice Biometrics

Voice BiometricsVoiceVault published a case study this week on the use of its ViGo voice authentication solution in driver certification programs, further corroborating what we’ve expected all year: that voice is the modality best suited for the road. Of course, the low friction, hands free security has pleanty to offer in other areas of application, like in the case of SK Telecom, which has chosen Nuance Communications’ technology for customer authentication.

Reports: Strong Growth for Voice Biometrics, Smart Car Integrations

VoiceVault’s ViGo Adds Credibility to Driver Certification App

SK Telecom Adopts Nuance Voice Authentication

Mobile Biometrics

Mobile CafeFinally, looking to the mobile sphere, this week we finally received confirmation that Synaptics supplied the fingerprint sensors for the newest Samsung flagship phones. Speaking of Samsung, Trustonic for the company’s KNOX SDK became available, too. Precise Biometrics, meanwhile, held its annual general meeting, showing a great amount of confidence and making some big business decisions in the wake of its recent successes in the mobile markets.

Trustonic for KNOX SDK Now Available

Synaptics Confirms Its Sensor on Galaxy S6

Precise Biometrics AGM Marks Big Business Decisions


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May 1, 2015 – by Peter B. Counter