News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are Here

Last week at FindBiometrics biometric smart cards made the biggest headlines thanks to two high profile payment solutions with embedded fingerprint sensors. The news was multimodal on the whole, with face, iris, fingerprint, behavioral, and voice all receiving coverage. Meanwhile, the clock ticked down as we continued to prepare for our upcoming behavioral biometrics webinar.

Check out all of last week’s top stories in global identity management:

Behavioral Biometrics

News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are HereBehavioral Biometrics Month continued last week as we examined the many micro-modalities that combine to create one of  2017’s most popular biometric types. We also took a look at how behavioral biometrics can fight new account fraud and reported on some modality-specific success stories as registration continued for this Wednesday’s expert webinar.

Behavioral Biometrics Month: The Micro-Modalities Within

NuData Success Stories Demonstrate Power of Behavioral Biometrics

How Behavioral Biometrics Can Fight New Account Fraud

Biometric Smart Cards Are Here

News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are HereMastercard made major biometrics news last week with the announcement that it has successfully completed trials of a fingerprint scanning payments card in South Africa. On the heels of this news, IDEX revealed that is is supplying the sensors for the biometric smart card. And that wasn’t all: Zwipe was at Seamless Asia last week, where it unveiled its own biometric payment card. Read more about these developments in the competitive smart cards arena at the links below:

Mastercard Completes Successful Trials of Biometric Payment Card

Mastercard Biometric Payment Card Uses IDEX Sensor

Zwipe Unveils Biometric Smart Card at Seamless Asia Expo

Fingerprints on Mobile

News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are HereFingerprints might be making their way to smart cards, but that doesn’t mean they’re getting any less popular on mobile. Last week we reported on new smartphone integrations from Fingerprint Cards and Precise Biometrics, while Sonavation announced a new licensing agreement with ADI. Newly leaked schematics stoked speculation concerning the placement of Touch ID on the next iPhone, and InAuth formally launched its InMobile biometrics solution.

Xiaomi Mi 6 Features FPC Under-Glass Sensor

New Speculation Suggests Touch ID Migrating to Back of iPhone

InAuth Formally Launches InMobile Biometrics

Sonavation Licenses Ultrasonic Fingerprint Tech to ADI

New Smartphone From Taiwan-based OEM Sports FPC and Precise Biometrics Tech

Precise Biometrics Software Integrated into Micromax Phone via FPC

QiKU 360 F5 Features an FPC1245 Sensor

Face Biometrics

News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are HereLast week NEC announced a new platform called NC7000-3A which stands to bring the company’s award winning facial recognition to mobile, and we interviewed Raffie Beroukhim, senior vice president at the company’s newly re-branded Advances Recognition Systems Division. Moving to a speculative arena, new reports suggest that the LG G6 will soon be getting facial recognition security.

INTERVIEW: Raffie Beroukhim, Advanced Recognition Systems Division, NEC Corporation of America:

NEC Brings Its Facial Recognition To The Mobile Domain

LG To Bring Facial Recognition To G6 Smartphone

Iris Biometrics

News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are HereA new patent awarded to Microsoft shed some light on the company’s exploration of iris biometrics, while news out of Malaysia showed that Zwipe is also looking at opportunities with that eye-based modality. Delta ID was arguing for greater usage of mobile iris recognition in India’s Aadhaar program, and EyeLock received a patent of its own pertaining to mobile iris solutions. Last week we also published our interview with Iris ID vice president Mohammed Murad, a rich conversation about this year’s Mobile World Congress and some of the company’s more exciting deployments.

INTERVIEW: Mohammed Murad, Vice President, Iris ID

Zwipe To Team Up with Malaysia’s Iris Corp

Delta ID Pushes for Iris-Based Aadhaar Authentication

EyeLock Receives Patent Approval For Mobile Iris Scanning System

Patent Shows Microsoft is Looking Into Iris Scanning


cash, money, fintech, commerce featureWestern Union enabled Apple Pay, we reported last week, the company emphasizing the convenience offered to customers by the mobile wallet’s biometric access. Lloyd’s Bank announced that it will be trialing Windows Hello login for customer convenience too. Meanwhile, Trust Stamp announced that it will be taking part in this year’s Money20/20 Startup Challenge this coming November.

Trust Stamp Aims to Impress in Money20/20 Startup Challenge

Western Union Enables Apple Pay, Emphasizes Biometric Convenience

Lloyds Bank to Trial Windows Hello Login for Customers

Border Control

News Roundup: Biometric Smart Cards Are HereLast week we took a look at the use of iris biometrics at the Canada-US border in an episode of the Iris ID Radio podcast. Looking to the Pacific, we also learned about the expansion of Hawaii’s mobile biometrics immigration project.

Immigration Authorities Expand Mobile Biometrics Project in Hawaii

Iris ID Radio Talks Canadian Biometric Border Control With FindBiometrics [AUDIO]


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