IBIA Welcomes Six New Members to the Fold

The International Biometrics + Identity Association (or “IBIA”) is welcoming six new members to the fold.IBIA Welcomes Six New Members to the Fold

Among the additions are facial recognition specialist Innovatrics, which recently launched a selfie-based mobile authentication system; and Integrated Biometrics, a fingerprint recognition specialist that mainly targets the government sector for its biometric devices. Other new members of the IBIA team include Mississippi-based fingerprint biometrics specialist AD&S Inc.; Biomatica, a Brazilian consultancy; Mexican multimodal solutions provider Biometria Aplicada; and Biometric Signature ID, a provider of a multi-factor authentication solution.

In a statement announcing the industry alliance’s newest members, IBIA Managing Director Tovah LaDier pointed to the benefits of cross-industry cooperation, asserting, “IBIA’s growth reflects the need for a unified industry voice which brings together identity technology companies across different nationalities, modalities, and target markets.” The companies join the IBIA at a time when biometric technology is increasingly prominent, and in some applications even going mainstream, while interest in such solutions continues to rise.

And this is just the latest growth spurt for the IBIA, which welcomed seven new members in the summer of last year including Hitachi Beijing, Liquid, Inc., and Telos ID.

June 15, 2018 – by Alex Perala