New Dell Latitude Computers Feature Biometric Security Tools

New Dell Latitude Computers Feature Biometric Security Tools

Dell has unveiled the latest iteration of its Latitude series of computers, offering a raft of new features to enterprise-level customers. In addition to the expected performance upgrades – including better connectivity and battery life – Dell is delivering biometric security tools to better address the data safety concerns of modern employees.     

Specifically, the new laptops and PCs can be outfitted with fingerprint readers built into the power button, as well as IR cameras that are compatible with Windows Hello. Both features allow for secure biometric authentication and enable employees to log into workstations without the need for a password.

The Latitude series can also be equipped with Smart Card Readers, while the laptops are compatible with Dell’s SafeBIOS utility that uses the cloud for added security.

“The modern workforce’s computing needs have changed” said Dell VP Rahul Tikoo. “With security concerns looming over both employees and IT departments, businesses can rely on our new Latitudes to make it simple for IT to ensure workers have the best device for their needs.”

Dell has been pushing Windows Hello for several years now, most notably when it combined the biometric platform with Goodix tech in one of its laptops. The new line represents a much larger deployment of the technology.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)