Neurotechnology’s Iris Algorithm Speeds Ahead of Competition in NIST Testing

Neurotechnology is celebrating the achievements of its iris recognition algorithm software in the latest round of the testing from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. NIST Iris Exchange (or ‘IREX’) IX saw Neurotechnology’s algorithm attain the second best accuracy and the fastest matching speeds of the 46 solutions tested.Neurotechnology's Iris Algorithm Speeds Ahead of Competition in NIST Testing

Offering some further perspective on these achievements in a statement, the company explained that the only solution that bested its technology in accuracy was actually seven times slower in processing iris images, and half as fast as Neurotechnology’s VeriEye and MegaMatcher solution in matching iris biometrics. And the company says that in identification scenarios, its MegaMatcher Accelerator iris matching algorithm “was 50 to 1000 times faster than any other algorithm in the top accuracy range.”

In other words, Neurotechnology’s iris recognition software is among the most accurate tested by NIST, and if judged together with speed, there’s a strong case to be made that it’s the all-around best. Commenting on the success, Neurotechnology biometric research head Dr. Justas Kranauskas said, “Once again the NIST IREX evaluation proved that our ongoing improvements in both accuracy and speed provide our customers with the best-performance solutions for real-time iris recognition biometric systems at any scale.”

News of the company’s success comes just a couple of weeks after it announced that its fingerprint template generator had come in first for interoperability in NIST’s MINEX III evaluation, further attesting to the company’s technical prowess with multiple biometric modalities.

April 23, 2018 – by Alex Perala