MINEX III Results Highlight Interoperability of Neurotechnology’s Fingerprint Tech

Neurotechnology‘s biometric fingerprint template generator has attained the top ranking for interoperability in the National Institute of Standards and Technology’s MINEX III evaluation.MINEX III Results Highlight Interoperability of Neurotechnology's Fingerprint Tech

That success is indicative of a strong overall performance. Neurotechnology’s solutions came in second for PIV Level 1 criteria, with the company asserting in a statement that there was only a “0.00001 difference from the top provider”. It outperformed that same rival in PIV Level 2 testing, and it proved to be the most accurate of all MINEX-compliant solutions. The company also says that of the top six most interoperable solutions, its technology was “easily the fastest, with remaining providers being at least 6x and 1.8x higher for PIV Level 1 interoperability and PIV Level 2 accuracy specification criteria respectively.”

Commenting on Neurotechnology’s strong performance, the company biometric research director, Justas Kranauskas, said that with these MINEX III results, “Neurotechnology becomes the top provider of template-generator software in a cross-vendor or cross-version interoperable environment.”

The news comes just about a year and a half after the company celebrated passing the MINEX III evaluation protocol with respect to its MegaMatcher On Card algorithm, software designed to support smart card implementations of biometric fingerprint scanning.

April 10, 2018 – by Alex Perala