Jumio Introduces Netverify Document Verification Feature

Jumio has expanded its biometric Know Your Customer platform with a new document-reading capability. The new Netverify Document Verification feature allows users to scan documents like bank statements and utility bills, and Jumio says it can even work with folded and crumpled documents.Jumio Introduces Netverify Document Verification Feature

The new capability complements a biometric authentication feature introduced to the Netverify platform last autumn. Using facial recognition, the system enabled users to confirm their identities using the built-in cameras of their computers or smartphones.

The appetite for innovation that Jumio displayed in its embrace of biometric authentication may have helped the company to net its Central European Start-Up Award for Austrian startup of the year for 2016. In any case, the technology evidently caught the interest of cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, which implemented Jumio’s authentication technology last year. Now, Netverify Document Verification could further enhance the platform’s appeal.

(Originally posted on Mobile ID World)