NEC’s ‘Kylie’ Gives a Face to Hospitality Biometrics

NEC's 'Kylie' Gives a Face to Hospitality BiometricsNEC Corporation has been busy promoting its Smart Hospitality Solutions. In a recent appearance at this year’s HITEC hospitality conference, the company showed off Kylie, a facial recognition system tailor-made for hospitality applications.

Kylie is based on NEC’s NeoFace facial recognition technology – the same highly sophisticated technology being used by police to help in criminal investigations and by government agencies to cut down on ID fraud. Of course, in the form of Kylie its applications are quite different, with the facial recognition technology being used to identify important hotel guests, and Kylie herself – an AI avatar – greeting visitors, giving them useful information, and helping them to check in. Kylie complements other components of the NEC Smart Hospitality Solutions such as Unified Communications applications, digital signage, Property Management Systems, and guest room management systems. Data can easily be shared between these modular components, allowing the guest identification data acquired through Kylie to be used in making other particular arrangements for certain guests.

NEC’s Smart Hospitality Solutions have been honed and refined over the years to reach the technological sophistication of the current iteration. Kylie is the most recent innovation in the package adding a warm and personal face to the underlying technological system.

September 8, 2015 – by Alex Perala