NEC XON’s New Biometric Kiosk Dispenses Bank and SIM Cards on the Spot

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Biometrics News - NEC XON's New Biometric Kiosk Dispenses Bank and SIM Cards on the Spot

NEC XON has released a self-service biometric kiosk that automates the distribution of SIM and bank cards. Developed in collaboration with Wavetec, the kiosk is essentially an ATM that gathers people’s personal information before dispensing a new bank card.

The kiosk is built with NEC software and is able to collect face, fingerprint, and iris biometrics. According to NEC XON, it was designed to reduce the amount of time and human resources required to issue a new card, while still allowing financial institutions and mobile operators to remain compliant with strict Know Your Customer regulations.   

The solution includes a 5MP camera, a 17-inch touchscreen, and an NFC reader, and stores data in a central repository that enables offline registrations. That repository also makes it easy to carry out any necessary audits and manage blacklisted users and devices.

“This solution can be deployed almost anywhere it’s needed for indefinite periods, provides convenient services to travelers, and can automatically deactivate SIMs when visitors leave,” said NEC XON Biometrics head Grahame Saunders.

Though it is currently being pitched to financial institutions and mobile operators, Saunders indicated that the kiosk can be configured for other identity systems like national IDs and social services.

NEC has previously delivered more conventional biometric ATMS with face recognition capabilities to banks in Japan and Taiwan. NEC XON’s latest offering demonstrates the expanding scope of smart service solutions, which are able to carry out increasingly sensitive tasks as biometric technology becomes more reliable.

October 9, 2019 – by Eric Weiss