NEC Tech Aids in Cold Case Investigations

NEC Corporation of America‘s biometric technology is helping US authorities to solve a number of cold case investigations, the company says.

NEC Tech Aids in Cold Case InvestigationsIts Integra ID 5 fingerprint matching solution, offered as part of NEC’s Building Safer Cities platform, has been adopted by Western Identification Network (WIN), a group of law enforcement agencies from eight states. The technology is being used to scan through 15 million cold cases – unsolved investigations featuring latent fingerprints – and so far has found biometric matches in over 2,000 of them, according to the company. That has led to numerous leads for the investigators.

Commenting in a statement, WIN CEO Ken Bischoff said the efforts with Integra ID 5 “are paying dividends,” while Alaska Department of Public Safety’s Kathy Monfreda said the “match results are impressive for all WIN states.” For NEC’s part, Raffie Beroukhim, VP of its Biometrics Solutions Division, called the results a demonstration of NEC’s “commitment to our users and the entire law enforcement community to continue to drive our core feature extraction, search algorithms and platform to provide the highest in fingerprint and palm print accuracy.”

Already widely considered a market leader in biometric solutions for law enforcement, NEC should enjoy even greater credibility with the success of its WIN deployment.

March 24, 2016 – by Alex Perala