NEC biometric Tech Used to Secure 2018 Asian Games

NEC biometric Tech Used to Secure 2018 Asian GamesNEC recently got a high-profile opportunity to showcase its biometric security solutions: The company’s flagship facial recognition technology was deployed at the 18th Asian Games, an Olympics-style sporting event held every four years.

It was a government collaboration, to an extent. The Asian Games were held from August 18th to September 2nd in Indonesia, with NEC’s technology deployed as part of a package of Official Development Assistance from the Japanese government. Central to the deployment was, of course, NeoFace, NEC’s facial recognition system, which was used to detect pre-registered suspicious persons during the Games; but the deployment also incorporated automated AI technology designed to detect suspicious objects and unauthorized entry into restricted areas.

Additionally, NEC delivered an IT network system connecting 130 different locations for the Asian Games, and it provided surveillance cameras for a number of venues including the baseball stadium, the basketball gym, and the tennis courts for the Games.

Following the conclusion of the Asian Games, NEC went on to highlight its biometric security solutions at an ASEAN-Japan workshop hosted by Badan Nasional Penanggulangan Terorisme, Indonesia’s anti-terrorism agency. Collectively, the activities underline NEC’s intensifying effort to promote its facial recognition technology and other solutions across a range of large-scale security applications.

September 21, 2018 – by Alex Perala