NEC to Showcase NeoFace Tech at Future Travel Expo in Singapore

NEC to Showcase NeoFace Tech at Future Travel Expo in SingaporeNEC is strengthening its focus on both the air travel applications of its biometric technology and the APAC market with plans to show off its solutions at Future Travel Experience (FTE) Expo 2018.

From its booth in the convention center, the company will showcase how its NeoFace facial recognition technology can be used in automated biometric eGates at airports – an application that’s already underway in real-world deployments in collaboration with the US Customs and Border Protection agency. And NEC says it will also highlight its liveness detection technology for digital customer verification in online travel booking and related services, as well as its passenger flow analytics technology for airports.

NEC’s participation in FTE Expo 2018 comes after the company made a similar pitch at AVSEC World Day 2018 event and the Global Airport and Passenger Symposium earlier this autumn, indicating the company’s intensifying activity in the air travel sector.

It also offers some indication of NEC’s growing presence in APAC and particularly Singapore, where FTE Expo 2018 will be held. NEC completed smart city trials conducted in collaboration with the Singaporean government earlier this year, and also announced a new research center – its first outside of Japan – in the city state this September.

Future Travel Experience Asia Expo 2018 will run from November 13th to 14th at Singapore’s Marina Bay Sands venue, with NEC to showcase from booth D41.

November 9, 2018 – by Alex Perala