NEC Awarded By Frost & Sullivan For Leadership in Entering Mainstream Market

NEC LogoJanuary 22, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter     

NEC Corporation of America had an exceptional 2013. In a year that proved to be explosive for biometrics and strong authentication in general – with the formation of consortia and the launch of the iPhone 5S bringing mainstream media attention to the industries – NEC made its own distinct splashes, notably launching its NeoFace Product Suite.

Launched on April 8 of last year, the NIST tested product line includes many facets built to serve a wide range of customer types. From NeoFace Match, which is used for basic facial recognition, and NeoFace Reveal which is used for latent face investigation; to NeoFace Smart ID which provides mobile identification, and NeoFace Watch, which is a surveillance and matching technology, the product suite is robust. It is no surprise that when the vice president of NEC’s biometrics division, Raffie Beroukhim, was asked about 2013, he spent some time talking about the solution’s role in what he called “a great year for NECAM Biometrics.

Recent news is revealing that the NeoFace Product Suite is also responsible for NEC’s optimistic opening of 2014, with Frost & Sullivan granting the corporation its 2014 Global Frost & Sullivan Award for Customer Value Leadership.

Frost & Sullivan industry principal, Frank Dickson, expands on granting the award, saying, “NEC’s NeoFace suite of products offers a high degree of irrefutability and the flexibility to be applied to a number of compelling use cases, making it ideal to address the need for strong authentication, as well as identification.”

“Demonstrated by NeoFace Reveal’s success in identification, NEC’s face-matching algorithms ensure accuracy and selectivity, regardless of database size and image quality,” Continues Dixon. “Additionally, the use of facial recognition biometrics removes the need for one-time password (OTP) devices that are often required for strong authentication.”

The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Awards, a heading of which this honor falls under, are annually given to companies across a wide range of markets that have demonstrated outstanding achievement and performance in the area specified by the particular award. In the case of NEC’s award, Frost & Sullivan has bestowed it upon the corporation for its exceptional relationships with customers; excellent implementation of strategies that proactively create value for customers while focusing on improving ROI; and, in the end, the successful expansion of its customer base.