NEC Announces AFIS Conference Theme

NEC Corporation of America has announced that the theme of this year’s AFIS Conference will be “Biometrics On My Mind”.

NEC Announces AFIS Conference ThemeIt’s the 30th anniversary of the AFIS (Automated Fingerprint Identification System ) Internet User Conference, a forum for the security, law enforcement, and biometrics communities to network and discuss the major issues of concern to all of them. And while the central modality of AFIS remains important, the conference today covers a wide range of biometrics technologies, and draws attendees from around the world and across multiple levels of government.

Commenting on the AFIS Conference’s development in a statement, NEC Biometrics Solutions Division SVP Raffie Beroukhim proclaimed that “[t]he partnership established three decades ago between NEC and the law enforcement and public safety community is now stronger than ever.” Beroukhim added that “innovation alone is not going to make our communities safer,” and that’s why the dialogue between these various stakeholders is of such importance. “The exchange of information aids us in better understanding needs and challenges, as well as highlighting what is working and what can be further improved,” he explained.

The AFIS Conference will take place in Atlanta, Georgia, from August 28th through 31st.

August 25, 2016 – by Alex Perala