Join Industry Experts For Border Control & National Security Webinar

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Join Industry Experts For Border Control & National Security Webinar

Tomorrow, FindBiometrics is hosting the latest entry in its renowned webinar series, Biometrics and the New Era of National Security and Border Control. Part of our month-long examination of biometric applications on the national and international levels, tomorrow’s 45 minute live webcast will bring together leading industry experts to discuss the current and future state of border control and national security in the age of strong authentication and next gen identity management.

Starting with a presentation of the latest market research from Acuity Market Intelligence, the border control webinar will turn to a conversation about best practices, mobility, information sharing, multimodality, and more. As usual, the event will end with an interactive question and answer period.

The panel for tomorrow’s event is composed of:

  • Peter O’Neill, President, FindBiometrics (moderator)
  • Maxine Most, Principal, Acuity Market Intelligence
  • Benji Hutchinson, Senior Director, Washington D.C. Operations, NEC Corporation of America
  • Janice Kephart, Director, Homeland Security Solutions, MorphoTrak, LLC

Registration is still open for this exclusive live event taking place at 11 AM EDT. Be sure to sign up and be a part of the most essential conversation in biometric border control.

June 21, 2016 – The FindBiometrics Team