MWC 2016: A Personal Tour of MasterCard’s Biometrics

MWC 2016 MasterCard booth

Mobile World Congress is being held in Barcelona this week and we are there with our sister site Mobile ID World. This year, biometrics are huge at MWC, especially in the payments space. Earlier this week we saw how Visa is aiming to bring biometric innovation to the payments space, and what challenges the company is seeing on a global scale. But MasterCard is looking to strong authentication for payments too, and we were able to get a first hand look at the company’s much hyped mobile biometric verification solution.

On yesterday at the conference Peter O’Neill, president of FindBiometrics and Mobile ID World, visited the MasterCard booth and got up close and personal with the financial services company’s Identity Check solution—an app that used multi-factor authentication including face or finger biometrics to verify online payments. The solution is set to be launched this summer, and judging by the demo O’Neill received, it stands to bring a satisfying and convenient layer of security to online transactions.

Click on the image below to see exactly how Identity Check works, and what kind of e-commerce MasterCard customers can expect later this year.

MWC 2016 MasterCard 1

Visit Mobile ID World to discover how MasterCard is using multi-factor mobile authentication to verify online payments.