Multi-Modal Month – Week 4: The Roundup

It is time to wrap up Multi-Modal Month here at findBIOMETRICS. All throughout June we have been celebrating the diversity of biometrics and identity management solutions in order to mark the changes happening both in the industry and on our website.

Here are some of the topics we explored:

Getting Started

To start things off, as is becoming custom in our monthly featured article cycle, we began Multi-Modal Month with a Primer. Rather than focusing on solutions that leverage multiple biometrics factors (we’ll get to those next), we took the opportunity to provide a crash course in the many modes of biometric technology.

That’s not all, though. This month, Mobile ID World, our sister site, joined in the festivities. In it’s own introductory feature, we were treated to an outline of how the various modes of strong authentication are manifest in the mobile sphere.

Multi-Modal Month – Week One: The Primer

Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature One: The Primer

The Big Ideas

Multi-Modal Month gave us a chance to examine a few big ideas in identity management. Here, at findBIOMETRICS, we took the opportunity to explore the benefits found in combining multiple authentication factors. In doing so, we touched on emerging ideas in identity management including invisible factors and the security added when users are given the power of choice.

At Mobile ID World, a featured discussion revolved around how mobile technology and strong authentication (including biometrics) has been changing human identity.

Multi-Modal Month – Week Two: The Power of Multiple Factors

Mobile Multi-Modal Month – Feature 2: Your Next Generation Identity

Real Deployments

After spending time defining, celebrating, theorizing and discussing the big ideas presented by biometric diversity, it was important to ground the conversation. In week three of Mutli-Modal Month, we took a look at four vertical markets that are ready for multi-factor authentication.

Multi-Modal Month – Week 3: 4 Vertical Markets Ready For Multi-Factor

Multi-Modal at the Movies

The findBIOMETRICS Pop Cultural Identity Management Blog is also a big part of our monthly themed content, and June was no exception. For Multi-Modal Month we thought it was only fitting to dedicate all of the blog to a film franchise with a heart made of identity: X-Men.

Starting with an examination for how biometric technology is represented in the currently playing X-Men: Days of Future Past, we found yet another movie that exemplifies the PCIM mantra, “There’s nothing exciting about a locked door.”

In part two of our X-Men examination, we took a broader perspective on identity, responsibility and the root of biometric technophobia. As a series that is based on the idea that every person is beautifully unique, X2: X-Men United and X-Men First Class provided a great look at why technology that can identify people by their biological traits requires a strong foundation of social trust.

Pop Cultural Identity Management: X-Men – Part One

Pop Cultural Identity Management: X-Men – Part Two


And so we bring to a close our celebration of diversity in identity management, but the conversation doesn’t have to end here. Have something to say about any of the above topics? Keep the conversation going on Twitter by using the hashtag #fBMultiModal.

June 25, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter