MorphoTrust USA Opens Several New Enrollment Centers

MorphoTrust USA (Safran) – a provider of identity solutions in the United States – has been an active collaborator with the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). Thanks to the increasing interest in biometric border control solutions, including pre-approved travel screening programs, that collaboration has put MorphoTrust in the news frequently as of late. Earlier this week the company announced an E-CAT contract with the TSA and today MorphoTrust opened multiple enrollment centers in support of the Pre✓ program.

Fingerprint Biometrics

Earlier this summer, MorphoTrust opened six other enrollment centers across the United States in support of the TSA’s Pre✓ advanced passenger screening process.

The new in-airport enrollment centers are in Palm Beach International Airport, San Francisco International Airport, Denver International Airport. Additionally, MorphoTrust has opened an off-airport IdentoGO Center in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Charles Carroll, MorphoTrust’s senior vice president for identity services, comments: “The growing number of enrollment centers across the country illustrates the increasing number of Americans that are discovering the improved travel experience after signing up for TSA Pre✓. These travelers have expressed their satisfaction with the program and the ease of enrollment process, which costs less than many other convenience-based travel and tourism programs.”

The new openings bring the total number of MorphoTrust enrollment centers to 302. Each one offers enrollment for TSA Pre✓, as well as other identity related services.

In the case of TSA Pre✓, customers ideally begin the application process online, then make an appointment for enrollment at one of the centers. A livescan device is then used to capture the applicant’s fingerprints, which are sent to the TSA for review. The TSA then vetts the customer and completes the process, issuing a Known Traveler Number through the mail. The process takes about two weeks and the Pre✓ membership lasts for five years.

MorphoTrust is not just making travel easier for its customers, the increased demand for identity services is also creating jobs. In June, the company opened a new facility in Springfield, Illinois, with an expanded customer service center, necessitating the hiring of 50 new employees.

August 21, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter