MorphoTrust Highlights PreCheck as TSA Wait Time Solution

The US Transportation Security Administration is seeking to improve the efficiency of airport security screening, and MorphoTrust USA is expanding its efforts with TSA PreCheck accordingly, the company says.

MorphoTrust Highlights PreCheck as TSA Wait Time SolutionTSA PreCheck is the expedited screening program based on biometric identification, and administrated by MorphoTrust. Individuals who enroll are essentially pre-cleared for security, with their fingerprints linked to their identity documents so that only a quick scan is needed when moving through airport security processing.

MorphoTrust is highlighting the solution in the wake of a press conference organized by Homeland Security Secretary Jeh C. Johnson and TSA Administrator Vice Admiral Peter Neffenger to address the issue of long wait times at airports. In a statement, MorphoTrust SVP Charles Carroll pointed out that MorphoTrust has 370 of its IdentoGO enrolment centers in operation across the US, and that the company is “continuing to ramp up efforts to meet the growing demand for enrollment”. Carroll also highlighted MorphoTrust’s extension of IdentoGO business hours, a recent partnership with H&R Block to further expand enrollment services, and the company’s mobile enrollment service.

Speaking at last week’s press conference, Johnson affirmed that while the TSA is seeking to improve efficiency, security remains paramount and related wait times are inevitable. As such, MorphoTrust may see increasing interest from US travellers seeking a faster way to get where they’re going.

Source: CNN

May 16, 2016 – by Alex Perala