All MorphoTrust ID Factories Now ISO Certified

MorphoTrust (Safran) has now received ISO 14298 certification for all of its driver license factories, the company has announced.

All MorphoTrust ID Factories Now ISO CertifiedThe certification covers security processes in credential printing, essentially verifying that a given facility’s printing systems feature the highest level of security. MorphoTrust became the first US ID manufacturer to receive this certification for its production facilities last autumn, complementing previous NASPO certification earned by the company. Around that same time, the company was also named a 2016 CSO50 Award honoree in recognition of its production standards.

These credentials are important partly because a key component of MorphoTrust’s business is providing identification and ID solutions to the government sector, a market in which its credibility is critical. As MorphoTrust CSO Dennis Kallelis put it in a statement announcing the certification, “We are in the business of protecting identities. Getting all our factories ISO certified further validates our commitment to our customers, the states, to ensure we are handling their citizens’ identities with a level of privacy and security that is second to none.”

MorphoTrust is now the only driver license producer to have had all of its production facilities ISO and NASPO certified.

May 17, 2016 – by Alex Perala