MorphoTrust Enrolls 1.5 Million Commercial Drivers in Support of HTAP

Today, the exclusive enrollment services provider for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA), MorphoTrust USA (Safran), announced that it has enrolled 1.5 million commercial drivers, across 135 enrollment centers, in support of the Hazardous Materials Endorsement Threat Assessment Program (HTAP), which requires the TSA to conduct fingerprint-based background checks for truck drivers hauling hazardous materials.

The TSA launched HTAP in 2004 as a response to the USA PATRIOT Act. Agents collect the biographic and biometric data for the 200,000 truck drivers each year, that require Hazardous Materials Endorsements on their licenses. As an “agent service” offering, HTAP gives states the option to participate with the program or come up with their own solutions to meet the TSA’s mandate.

In November of 2004, the TSA selected MorphoTrust to provide the HTAP agent service, and in 2012 the Safran company was chosen as the prime contractor to consolidate HTAP, the Transportation Worker Identity Credential and other programs into a single offering. Dubbed the Universal Enrollment Service, this new consolidated program will allow MorphoTrust to enroll and register drivers for TSA programs from a variety of convenient locations.

“Universal Enrollment Service is the embodiment of MorphoTrust’s commitment to simplify, protect and secure the lives of Americans as we ensure the identity of transportation workers in a highly secure, yet convenient way,” said MorphoTrust CEO, Bob Eckel. “With our experience with these programs, and others that require the vetting of individuals with multiple biometrics, MorphoTrust is well positioned to deliver solutions of this significance and sensitivity.”

South Carolina became the 40th state to endorse the HTAP service in June with the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles’ announcement of its commitment to start using the TSA’s agent service before year’s end. MorphoTrust has a presence in all 50 states already, providing identification and background services via approximately 1,200 service centers.

morphotrustAbout MorphoTrust™ USA:

MorphoTrust™ USA (Safran) is a leading U.S. provider of identity solutions to federal, state and local governments that simplify, protect and secure the lives of Americans. The company’s offerings help to verify the identity of applicants and deliver the secure credentials that individuals rely on to exercise their civil rights, gain access to benefits and services, and ensure trusted transactions while reducing fraud and enhancing national security. The company delivers solutions for secure ID issuance such as U.S. driver licenses and passports as well as for border management, law enforcement, retail, travel and applicant vetting through document authentication, data verification and biometrics (iris, fingerprints and face). We serve many U.S. federal agencies and businesses, operating in all 50 U.S. states. The company also has a nationwide network of ID service centers, with approximately 1,200 convenient locations.

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