MorphoTrak Offers WVU Free Access to Cloud Platform

Safran Identity & Security subsidiary MorphoTrak is going to provide West Virginia University with access to its MorphoCloud platform, gratis, the company has announced.

MorphoTrak Offers WVU Free Access to Cloud PlatformThe platform provides cloud-based access to biometric services like facial recognition, and fingerprint and palm print matching. Along with access to the service, MorphoTrak is providing WVU with training support.

In a statement announcing the technology donation, MorphoTrak VP of Federal Operations and Innovation B. Scott Swann explained, “We want to foster a close academic partnership with WVU.” Indeed, the company opened a facility in West Virginia back in 2015 in part to be better positioned to recruit graduates from the school, which offers advanced courses on biometric technology. MorphoTrak has also directly supported academic research at WVU.

As such, while the donation will certainly benefit the school and its students, it could also pay dividends to MorphoTrak. “The academic and research values should be long lasting and definitely go beyond the monetary value of this donation,” Swann added.

March 23, 2017 – by Alex Perala