MorphoTrak Poised To Attack Fraud in Healthcare And Social Benefit Programs [Year in Review 2013]

8622_morphotrak_rvb_morphotrakJanuary 17, 2014 – by the findBIOMETRICS Team   

As part of the findBIOMETRICS annual Year in Review survey, we don’t only ask experts to participate in our biometrics industry polls, we also provide everyone participating a chance to personally divulge their opinions on the year that was and preview what’s to come over the next twelve months.

Participating in our survey on behalf of MorphoTrak (Safran) – a provider of multibiometric technologies for a wide variety of customers and needs – was the company’s senior director of marketing and communications: Robert Horton. The following is what he had to say when we asked about how 2013 was for MorphoTrak, and what we can expect in the year to come.

findBIOMETRICS: Was 2013 a good year for MorphoTrak? What were some of the highlights?

Robert Horton: 2013 was an extremely successful year for MorphoTrak. Most significant was the launch in May of Increment 3 of the FBI’s Next Generation Identification (NGI) system, comprising the first national palm print system in the U.S., enhanced latent print services, and rollout of the RISC mobile ID capability. Morpho provides the matching engine and algorithms powering the NGI system. The NGI system will change the face of crime-solving by greatly improving the volume, speed, and accuracy of matching latent and other crime-scene prints against the FBI’s database of finger and palm prints.

2013 also saw the launch of two revolutionary new products: our Iris at a Distance scanner  for simultaneous capture of a subject’s irises and face  in less than one second; and the MorphoPASS integrated passenger-centric airport processing system, which was launched at the Paris Air Show.

The recent launch of the MorphoAccess™ SIGMA Series reader is the result of the successful integration of L-1’s Bioscrypt division products and technologies into our suite of Access and Time products. The MA SIGMA offers NIST #1 ranked fingerprint technology and full compatibility for legacy Bioscrypt and Morpho customers.

We also enjoyed continued success with our existing products, in particular the global adoption of our flagship MorphoBIS biometric identification system, our MorphoIDent mobile ID device, and increased success with our expanded LiveScan product line.

findBIOMETRICS: What will 2014 hold for your company?

Robert Horton: In 2014  MorphoTrak expects increased opportunities to provide our industry leading solutions for civil biometric identification systems, particularly with the Biometric Exit portion of US VISIT. This program has long been stalled, but with the impending passage of HR3141, the Biometric Exit Improvement Act of 2013, we expect to see some movement in 2014.

In addition, we foresee increased market demand for security without the hassle of a PIN code or card; MorphoTrak can fill that need with our multimodal biometrics terminals combining fingerprint, finger vein and other biometrics for physical & logical access control, and time and attendance.

Finally, we expect 2014 will bring expanded use of fingerprint biometrics in healthcare and social benefit programs to protect against identity theft and fraud. With our finger, face, and iris recognition technologies, MorphoTrak is well placed to be a key player in providing solutions that meet these needs. Finally, Morpho is well positioned for the explosive growth of mobile biometrics with key capabilities in NFC and biometrics.