Morpho Fingerprint Biometrics Score First Place in 2014 MINEX Benchmark

Fingerprint BiometricsYesterday, Morpho (Safran) announced that its fingerprint matching technology took the top spot in NIST’s ongoing MINEX test. MINEX, which stands for Minutiae Interoperability Exchange, is a test that is mandated to offer performance and interoperability metrics of biometric templates and matching capabilities.

More than 30 companies were evaluated as part of this MINEX benchmark and Morpho bears the distinction of beating out the competition in all three major categories: fingerprint matching accuracy, template interoperability, and matcher interoperability.

In the accuracy test, in which each vendor used its own matcher on its own templates, Morpho’s results scored 60 percent higher than the next closest competitor. The company scored 10 percent higher in the template interoperability test, which saw Morpho templates being matched on matchers from other vendors.

Finally, when it came to matching templates produced by other vendors, Morpho’s matchers outperformed the second place technology by 44 percent.

According to Celeste Thomasson, CEO of MorphoTrak (Safran), the new MINEX results “confirm Morpho’s leadership in the field of biometric identification.”

“For government agencies tasked with ensuring security and safety, using superior technology helps avoid security lapses, missed identifications and other serious vulnerabilities for law enforcement, border control, access control, traveler safety, etc,” says Thomasson. “The results of Morpho’s continuing R&D investments are apparent in these tests and in our growing list of worldwide customers who choose security as their top priority.”

High levels of interoperability and accuracy are extremely important in biometric matching solutions. As the results show, especially with such large margins separating its nearest competition, Morpho has set the bar very high in the world of fingerprint matching performance.

November 18, 2014 – by Peter B. Counter