Money20/20 Europe: FaceTec’s Steve Cook on PSD2, GDPR, and Liveness in Biometrics [AUDIO]

Money20/20 Europe: FaceTec's Steve Cook on PSD2, GDPR, and Liveness in Biometrics [AUDIO]

FaceTec is one of a small handful of facial recognition experts that have been buoyed by the booming interest in selfie authentication technology of the last few years. But the company stands out from its peers with its highly sophisticated liveness detection technology, and its certifications from the NIST NVLAP accredited iBeta testing laboratory. In recent months FaceTec has really established itself as an industry thought leader, publishing comprehensive white papers on facial recognition, presentation attacks, and liveness detection, and weighing in on the important issues facing biometrics today.

That kind of expertise came through in our recent interview with FaceTec’s VP of Business Development, Steve Cook, who spoke with FindBiometrics Director of Digital Content Susan Stover on the show floor at Money20/20 Europe in Amsterdam. Cook kicked things off with a deep dive into the effects Europe’s PSD2 and GDPR regulations are having on identity and finance, and also talked in detail about what makes FaceTec’s facial biometrics technology so special; and he concluded with some thoughts about what’s next for the industry. It’s always worth hearing what these folks have to say, so have a listen to the full conversation below:

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