Mobylabs Uses FPC Tech for New Contactless Keyfob

Mobylabs Uses FPC Tech for New Contactless Keyfob

Fingerprint Cards has found another application for its fingerprint technology. The company has announced a new team-up with Mobylabs, a UK-based payment specialist that will be using a Fingerprints touch sensor in its new contactless key fob platform.

The new key fob is called the AIRTAG Sense, and it allows the user to store another contactless product like a transit card or a payment card on the fob for an added layer of security. The AIRTAG Sense enables a second form of authentication for users when accessing their stored information, and they can also use it as a second factor when accessing a connected device via its Secure Platform Cloud.

As in other use cases, the integration of an FPC fingerprint sensor will reduce friction and make the entire process as seamless and convenient as possible. The company’s biometric solutions can already be found in a number of different devices, notably including biometric payment cards and smartphones. Fingerprint Cards has also announced a new software platform designed for the wearables market.

The new agreement with Mobylabs simply indicates that Fingerprints will expand into as many streams as possible as it continues to find new uses for its biometric tech.

April 16, 2019 – by Eric Weiss